Monday, August 10, 2009

the road trip chronicles are coming to a close

Well I've got a whole bunch of pictures for you that I haven't gotten a chance to upload yet. So here they are, in no certain order. I tried to put them in chronological order, but blogger kept sticking them in random places and I don't have the energy to fight anymore.

This is Jers swimming in my cousin's pool in Fort Worth, TX.

Woo hoo!!! Welcome home, where people are at least semi-normal!

I looked at this and just thought, "Well crap." I almost didn't make it to a gas station because I was in BFE, Kansas and the exits with actual stuff at them were like 25-30 miles apart. I was cheering my car on the whole time. When I filled up, I put 15.9 gallons of gas in my car. My tank only holds 16 gallons...Note to self, fill up at about 1/4 tank.

This is Winnie the Schnauzer floating around my aunt and uncle's pool like a princess. It was hysterical. She got on it all by herself when I floated by.

Since you guys don't know my Grandma Ruby I will use a visual to tell her story. The picture pretty much sums it up. She labels everything, so I just thought it was cute. Then my aunt told me that there is a "big boy" dish and a "little boy" dish because the little boy's bites are sliced smaller for their smaller mouths. This is my grandma in a nutshell. Everyone in my family grew up thinking that watermelon came seedless and pre-sliced.

This would be a Dairy Queen Crunch Cone Blizzard; a.k.a. the best dessert known to mankind. They only serve them in Lyons, KS and I have no clue exactly what it is. Crunchy peanut butter things, sprinkles, nuts, and other delectable mysteries.

If my previous story didn't tip you off about Rube, then this one will help fill in the blanks. I love, love, love pumpkin pie!! Except I don't like the crust with it. I eat the crust on other pies, but it just seems to ruin pumpkin. So I usually just use my spoon or fork to scrape the pie off the crust. Usually works really well. Anywho, Grammie always makes me a separate one in a mini-casserole dish so I can have just the pumpkin and not have to deal with the crust :)

This yard and tree are some of my first and best memories. There used to be rope swings on the tree and bunches of kids in the grass. It was quiet this time around, although Jers did enjoy it.

This, my dears, is the bell tower. We call it such because at Christmas they decorate it in red lights and make it into a bell shape. You can always see it as you drive into town. Gotta love the Lyons water tower...

Haha, yay! Amish buggy! I've always wanted to see one in real life. I tried not to slow down and gawk, but I so wanted to see. I only slowed down a little!

Tid bit car was all over the road.

Welcome to Kansas everyone. Enjoy your stay, but don't stay long.

I was so excited as I watched my temperature gauge go down. It was the bet thing ever!!

Jers is being princess of the car. She has to sit with her paw on the console so she looks like a person.

The Oklahoma hills! It actually is really pretty through most of the state. And I was born in Tulsa, so duh it rocks. We lived in a place called "Broken Arrow". Dad always called it "Busted Stick" and it freaking cracked me up.

Anyway, that's all I have for now. I still have to drive back to Houston later, but only from the Dallas area and it won't take me long! Ready to be home......



  1. I really enjoyed your road trip! The puppy pics are the best and your grandma sounds so sweet!

    Aubrey wants me to ask you what kind of dog Jers is...because we have never quite figured out what Todd is and he thinks Jers and Todd look just alike.

  2. My parents moved to Broken Arrow about a year ago! Small world...

    Your grandmother sounds so cute and sweet! That picture of the pumpkin pie made me hungry.

  3. Luved gettin the scoop on your road trip! Just luv reading your blog. makes me smile! good to see pictures and descriptions of places i have not been. Your grammie sounds awesome!