Saturday, August 1, 2009

sugary ruffles

Ok, please refrain from saying that my husband is hot. I mean, I know he is and I'm proud of it, but if he ever reads this, he'll be hell to deal with when he sees all that. That's all I'll ever hear about...

Tomorrow I'm off to Kansas. Lets hope it's really a driving mood day because it's an 8 hour drive. But I have yet to figure out how to post pictures to my blog using my BB. I'll try to figure it out, but I might be MIA for awhile. Unless I can steal a neighbor's wireless or something. Well, I guess I could still post things even if I can't figure out the pictures.

Here's a cool website for everyone: If you look underneath the sign-in window, there's a pane where you can look at their fill-in journals. Kati has one and it's so neat. I love scrapbooks and the like, but I am just completely horrible at them. Cutting, sticking stickers, writing pretty...mostly everything you need to be good at to have a cute scrapbook. So these books are the same idea, but it's your life in lists. So it asks you to list things from your life; i.e. favorite games, people you've lived with, people you love the most, etc. So it's a cute little book of your life in nice, easy lists. It's a cool idea too. Anyway, just thought you might enjoy it.

I have a Spoonful now. My word is "ruffle". I saw some cute little ruffled butt underwear at Target today, so that's what created the ruffle Spoonful.

As we all know by now, I have a thing for dresses. I love that you can wear this one multiple ways. You can build your own too! It's super cute and versatile.

And how cute is that top?? I love the fabric! It's so flowy and pretty. Romantic is the perfect way to describe it. It would be gorgeous for work with some black pants. Yum!

I adore the mini ruffle pillows! They would be just right for some chairs or to pile on your bed. And gray is totally my color too. Plus they look so soft and cushy!

And a bag. Must have a bag. I love the color and the style of this one. Kati just said it looks like something I would own. It definitely is. I had a suede bag like that before and it rocked. It lasted freaking forever and was super easy to spot clean. I love how the side on this one is ruched with buttons. Darling.

I hope everyone has a good evening and night!



  1. L-O-V-E LOVE those pillows and that bag!

  2. Really nice selection - I love the gathered effects, especially on that purse!

  3. Nice collection! I love a good ruffle xx