Friday, August 14, 2009

sweet red wine

I know you're all anxiously waiting to see what the next color on the universally flattering list is. In case you missed the's "true red". Like red red. Fire engine, firecracker, cherry red. I'm way tired, so this is gonna be short and sweet.

The Spoonful...

I'm loving this bag. It sold today after I had it picked out! I was too lazy to re-do my picture collage and I adore it, so it stayed. There are other colors, so go check them out!

I think this jacket is absolutely darling! The sleeves are the perfect length and the fit is sublime. The buttons are really cute too. Plus I love anything that's cropped like that too.

I don't usually like gold jewelry, but this bracelet is too cool. I love the multiple chains and the toggle clasp. I also love how the beads are randomly clustered. It has this messy, sexy look to it.

The last one is a little something for your doggie. I couldn't resist. They're eco-friendly and freaking adorable! It's fancy without being all prissy dog.

Sorry I'm so boring tonight. I picked some really good stuff to make up for it though!



  1. I am not usually a gold fan either, but I love that bracelet! WAY CUTE!!
    Hope you got some sleep. Maybe you need to try pie for breakfast!!I have no clue what that has to do with sleep, but sounds good anyway!
    Have a great weekend!
    ~Michele from By Your Side

  2. The bracelet IS sexy, kind of like bedroom hair. I always have bedroom hair.