Thursday, August 6, 2009

while visions of netflix dance in my head...

Well, the Internet gods have decided to cut me some slack. For the moment, I'm up and running.

Of course, it could also be because I'm sitting outside in the driveway in the middle of the night with my computer aimed in the direction that I suspect Gerry lives. This conjecture is based on Internet preformance at different points around the yard. I feel pathetic. I'm sure I look ridiculous. Jers wouldn't even come outside with me. Oh well. TJ can't call for another hour, so I have time to kill.

Funny story; I signed up for Netflix last night after I took my sleeping pill. Figures that the Internet in my bedroom would choose to work when I'm so high I have no clue what I'm doing. I'm pretty sure I wanted to watch this TV show "Dexter" on my computer and Netflix has it on the instant watch thing. So I signed up for a free trial. I woke up with my wallet in my bed because I had to give them my credit card number to sign up. Of course, now I can't get enough signal to watch any kind of multimedia presentation on my computer. Someone up there is laughing their ass off at me.

So here I sit with intermittent Internet signal in the middle of my grandparent's driveway at midnight in my pajamas. I'm just waiting for someone to call the cops. It would be the most action they've had in a long time and I'm sure they'd take great pleasure in having something to do. It's ridiculous really. But like I said, time to kill.

Does anyone else do such strange things or is it just me? It's probably just me. You know, it's not so much that I want the Internet so badly, it's just that I need something to do in the dead of night while I sit up alone faithfully waiting for my husband to call. I can go all day long and be just fine till the middle of the night when there's no one to talk to. Then I get all restless and bored and I end up outside in the dark looking shady as I steal someone's Internet.

You know what rocks though? There's fireflies here. So I'm kinda getting a fun light show.

I've thought about reading a book. I have plenty and I love to read. But now all the lights have been off and I really don't want to turn them back on. Don't ask me why because I have no clue. I just want to be in the dark. Holy crap I'm creepy.

Oh well. What can you do? I am pretty irritated that my Netflix trial doesn't let you watch the movie unless your connected to the Internet. I was thinking (ok, I know I was on drugs...), but I think I was thinking that once you put it in your basket or queue or whatever they call it, it kind of downloaded to your computer and you'd have access to it with or without the Internet. That's what I get for thinking. Or that's what I get for taking drugs. One of the two.

I've watched all my DVD's. I guess I could turn one of those on again though, just to have something to look at. Whatever I decided to do, I probably need to go inside. The concrete is hurting my butt. Have a good night/morning!


p.s. For some reason Blogger's spellcheck is not working, so I apologize for any spelling errors. I'm too lazy to check it myself.


  1. I can relate. The first night after we bought our house we realized that we were getting the internet signal from our neighbor on left. So, for months we just hijacked his service. Why pay for something you are getting for free, right? So one day, I go to log on and it said the network had been secured. Sad thing is, I was pissed at my neighbor all day! So, we had to break down and get our own service. So you know how you can name your service? Well since we are Aubrey and Angela Holman...we named our service AHOL...hee hee. I am sure someone gets a kick out of stealing internet from a couple of AHOLs. Also, and I will shut up in a minute, my brother (who is my other next door neighbor) name his "CIA GVMNT GVILLE DVS" When I first picked up that signal, I totally thought I was being watched by the CIA!

  2. Sorry I have been a bad blog friend lately, but I am back! Of course I am assuming you noticed my absence!
    I am positive you are not the only one out there doing strange things, just ask my family.
    I am jealous, I have never seen a firefly in real life... kinda sad huh?
    ~Michele from By Your Side