Thursday, September 24, 2009

sugar and spice

I got my Real Simple magazine in the mail today. Oh wait...I got the COVER of my Real Simple magazine in the mail today. It had a note attached to it from the good ole USPS. It said that the rest of my magazine had been damaged in transit. I was so pissed! First of all, that's my favorite magazine ever and second, it's freaking expensive! Argh. Just so irritating. I ripped the cover up into little pieces. Stupid USPS.

That's how I'm dealing with my problems lately. Ripping them up into little pieces; figuratively and literally. I'm so bored and I feel like a deadbeat cause I don't have a job, but I go, go, go all day everyday job and house hunting and running other various errands. But I feel like stomping and yelling a lot lately. I'm stomping in my head right now just thinking about it.

I got my hair done today. I needed it bad. It was getting long in the back, so my super cool asymmetrical haircut was just starting to look uneven like a drunk person had cut it. So that was nice. I found someone I like here, but it's not the same as Laura. I miss her!! The lady that cut my hair today was asking who did my highlights because they were perfect and looked awesome. I almost cried :(

Tomorrow I'm getting my toes done. I need to do something besides looking at jobs and houses online and driving by houses. Otherwise, I will lose my mind. I might have lost it already. Hard to tell.

The apartment was smelling musty today, so I lit a candle. TJ and our roommate LB are surprisingly obsessed with candles. They burn them nonstop. Probably because it always smells like boy in here. Ugh. But anyway, I like the candle LB picked out and it inspired my Spoonful. The candle is cinnamon stick, and I really don't like it. It's a bit too heavy for me. I'm not a fan of the spicy smells. I like clean cotton and fruity stuff.

Anywho, it got me thinking about spices and then I was thinking about sugar and spice and then I realized that would be a cute title because I'm having trouble coming up with new ones. So, in case you haven't guessed, the word is spice.

I'm really digging the orange thing lately. I think when we get our house, I'm going to do the office area in browns and oranges. Yum! This pillow cover is absolutely beautiful. The shade of orange is perfect and it's so simple. The pattern is awesome. I just love it!

I'm going to have to acquire some trinkets to put in this darling trinket box. Or one of the gazillion other ones in the shop! There is SUCH cool stuff in the store, you have to check it all out. There's something for every taste, and they're all adorable.

Ok, I know I said that I'm not into the spicy scents, but this shampoo bar sounds glorious! Maybe it's the cappuccino scent that grabs me. I think it would be an awesome combo. The rich smell of the cappuccino would balance out the pungent spicy scent. Plus it looks so smooth and soft. I want to touch it.

I loooooove me some earrings! These chandelier style earrings are so gorgeous! I love the detail on the actual hoops and the colors of the beads are a perfect match. I also really like how the actual earring part that attaches to the hoops has a little character with the ball on the tips.

Well, I have to get some pictures together to send to my personal jewelry designer. I'm feeling the urge for some more earrings and bracelets, and she always does such a fantastic job on my custom orders! Love you Dian!



  1. Great "spicy" finds! Good luck on the house and job search!

  2. I love the trinket box!! I have crap like that all over my bedroom. I almost bought another one the other day, but when I thought about where I would put it I realized I needed another piece of furniture to put it on and I am out of square footage for that kind of thing. Brown and orange rocks, do it!! I got an envelope once in a ziplock bag from the post office that I found out later had once contained a birthday card. The envelope did not look good.