Monday, September 28, 2009

let the sugar be your guide

I grind my teeth at night. My mom says that she used to check on me at night when I was a kid, and I ground them so hard she could hear it from the hallway. I still do it, especially when I'm stressed. Lately I've been waking up with a pounding head, sore jaw, and aching temples. Sometimes it's hard to open my mouth in the morning. I've been battling a headache all day and it's really wearing me down. I can't rub the muscles because they either lock up or send sharp shooting pains down my face and neck.

I'm stompy and grumpy today. I'm lonely and stressed and I'm barely sleeping at night. I'm getting really frustrated about not being able to get a job. I feel like a deadbeat. I'm college educated, I have excellent references, and plenty of experience. The problem is that they make you apply only online anymore. They specifically say "don't call, don't fax, and don't come in". They just want your resume and/or cover letter in an email and that does it. I despise it. I can't look someone in the eye and convince them that I am an intelligent human being and I will do the required job and excel their expectations. I rock at the interview, and now it's virtually impossible to get to that point anymore. UGH!

I'm trying not to pig out. All I do is sit around and job hunt and house hunt on the Internet. Therefore I am hungry all the time. Because I have zero willpower where food is concerned, that means I eat all the time. Krispy Kreme will be my downfall. I'm just not very motivated to cook for one. It's so much easier to hit McDonald's. It happens to be the closest fast food restaurant to my house and I adore the double cheeseburgers. And fries. And apple pies. And Oreo McFlurries. And yes, I order that all in one trip and then eat it. To my credit, I drink water at home. No soda. Although that's like trying to plug the Hoover Dam with your pinky. Pointless.

Now I really want McDonald's. And I'm in such a bad mood I'll probably go get it. Food makes me feel better. It makes me happy. That is a downward spiral. Food that's bad for you just tastes so much better too.

Anyway, I found our house. It's incredible. I am in love. But it's a "For Sale By Owner" place and the lady is way difficult. She doesn't want to deal with agents, but I don't know enough about this to do it myself. I have no clue what to look for or what to ask. I don't want to end up getting screwed because of my ignorance. So my agent is going to try to convince her to deal with him. If she won't...well then I guess there are other houses. It would be a huge let down though. I'm trying not to get my hopes up at all, but that's almost impossible. Let's just say I haven't stopped looking yet.

My Spoonful word for today is lantern. I saw some in the store the other day and had to drag myself out of the store without buying them. I have no idea what my deal with lanterns is, but I am incredibly fascinated.

The style of these hoop earrings is awesome. I love how the hoop goes all the way around back into itself. The beads are such beautiful colors. The wire wrapping is flawless; each bead is perfectly spaced. They're decorative and dainty. They have something going one without being too much. I think that's a fine line to walk.

These star shaped lanterns are handmade. HANDMADE! Can you believe that?? I have never seen anything so intricate and gorgeous! I think they're so incredible. How cool would these be in a baby's room? It would be like a mobile. Plenty for mommy and baby to look at and adore. Check out the other items in the shop and I swear you'll be amazed.

The green color on the building in this photograph is so gorgeous. I now have to duplicate that for my house. The amber lanterns really go well with it too. I've found a whole new color scheme! The lighting in the photo is perfect for the subject matter. It enhance the picture and doesn't distract or take away from it.

Pillows, pillows, pilllllllllows! I am in love! I already love pillows in general, but I saw this fabric and almost died. It is so gorgeous! I love the simplicity of the pattern. It's so different from anything I own. It's so trendy looking. There are other colors and sizes, and I must have them all! So, so, so cute!

I'm going to try to not eat McDonald's now. I walked the dog twice today and she's still sitting at the door begging. She is KILLING me!! I don't know what the heck she wants. I walked her, played with her, took her on a car ride, and filled her chewy ball with treats twice. It's never enough. Neeeeeeever enough.



  1. Thank you so much for featuring my print! Your blog is lovely! :)

  2. Drive to Blockbuster and rent "Supersize Me" That should take care of the McD's cravings for a couple of months.

    ...and tell us more about THE house. Also if she doesn't want to deal with an agent, sounds like she could be hiding something. Be very careful. We did not use an agent on either side of our deal. The loan officer at the bank was very helpful though...and we knew the guy we were buying the house from...and he sold it to us for about $30,000 less than the appraised we didn't ask for anything. We just wanted to sign the papers before he came to his senses.

    Bad thing...after we signed and the house was legally ours - he was still moving out that night and the next day. Oh and I guess he forgot that he didn't live there anymore (after all he did live here for like 40 plus years) and when he took his last shower, he put his underwear in the built in hamper and forgot them!! there was a stain on the hamper shaft that looked just like a shit stain! Since he was into Karate (like a quadruple black belt) we still refer to it as the Kung Poo stain (not that its still there...just when we tell the story) Poor guy...I should not even tell people...he did after all GIVE away his house to us and he is like 75 years old.

  3. aww, yeah i would beware:) and eat McDonald's if you must, we did for dinner:)...Jersey misses dad just like you do!! Ya'll got teased when he was home for a brief second this wknd. About the grinding, go to the dentist and get a mouthguard!! This is a command:), Insurance only pays for half(if you have tricare), but it is sooo worth is, i got one around the time of our wedding because I was grinding (it's a genetic thing btw) and i am know on number 2, seeing as i chewed through the other one during that year:). love you!!

  4. I've been MIA lately and am catching up on some blogs... I know how you feel with the job search, it's so impersonal these days. I got really annoyed when I realized that only 1 or 2 people in every 10 resumes I sent out would write me just to give a simple "thanks, we've received your resume." It's so frustrating. A friend of mine gave me an idea to send out monthly postcards to the places I am really interested in, so maybe they'll think of me first when a position does open up. I think I'll try it.

    So keep your chin up and remember 'this too shall pass.'

  5. I grind my teeth too, and feel your pain! my husband says it has been terrible lately, which explains the pounding head! I can't imagine searching and applying for a job online, guess that shows my age! But seriously, I would really want to see the people applying!
    My favorite sugar are the paper lanterns - AMAZING!!
    Keep on keeping on and all that you want will fall into place - you deserve it!