Wednesday, September 2, 2009

crabs are creepy and have weird beady eyes

I really, really don't need any more TV shows to be addicted to, and yet I have another. Oh Deadliest Catch, how I adore thee. There's something about men screaming curse words and getting injured that draws me in. TJ keeps saying he wants to be a skipper. Lord. I told him he only got one make-me-lose-sleep-at-night career per lifetime.

We're headed to Nashville tomorrow. I have yet to decide what we're going to do. We'll probably just end up wandering around and finding somewhere cool to eat. We have to drive to Ohio on Friday and get there in time to pick Kylie up from school, so that means that we have to get up at a decent time. That means I can't stay up too late. Well, actually I could since TJ is my chauffer. That's gonna be so nice. I had to drive myself freaking everywhere for the past 6 months. No thanks. So in theory I could sleep the whole time. That could be pretty awesome.

I'm bored out of my ever-loving mind. I need a job. Or at least a distraction. Tonight TJ was telling his mom about how crappy it was sharing a closet with me. She was saying that of course my wardrobe is bigger than his because he wears a uniform to work everyday (thanks Leta!!), and he was saying that I don't have a job right now. She said I did and I will, and I needed outfits for work. Any my smart-ass husband says, "Those aren't work clothes. Unless she's working a corner." TO HIS MOTHER! Thanks, hon. I'm feeling the love and respect. Ok, so I was actually laughing pretty hard, but the story is better when I make myself sound all scandalized and mad. Right now I'm watching him wash and fold my hooker clothes. That's what I'm talking about.

I was going to do a Spoonful, but now he's stomping around telling me it's bedtime and we need to go upstairs. Such a crybaby. It's probably a good thing he doesn't read this.

Anyway, I really do need to get in bed since we're being slackers and not packing till tomorrow morning. Sleep tight!



  1. LOVE Deadliest Catch! I've had my morning laugh here...... : )

  2. You crack me up every time I read this!! Well, the happy posts anyways:)....Mike has me addicted to "Deadliest Catch" as well and what's sad is I am always getting on to him for better language, but I love that show, go figure.

  3. My husband and I are addicted to Deadliest Catch too! LOVE IT! You best make sure TJ folds those hooker clothes correctly too! Crack the whip! HAHA You're posts always make me smile!

  4. Crabs ARE creepy. And so are lobsters. Sea Bugs. Have fun!!

  5. Hello, hello, hello? Is there anybody in there? Just nod if you can hear me...


    I miss you terribly. Come back!!

    Ok..I will stop pouting. I do miss you though.