Tuesday, September 7, 2010

i'm such a slacker

No more promises and pretty words about how I'll write more and all that jazz. I mainly suck and I'll write when I write. How's that for brutal honesty?

Although, at this point it might actually increase. Life has been crazy lately, but things should be settling down in minor ways. Here's a recap:

I had my step-daughter, Kylie, for the last 3 weeks of June. We had a blast doing girly things, watching movies and eating popcorn, playing in the sprinkler, and watching the Disney channel. She's never, ever boring :)

The weekend of July 4th, I drove her back up to Ohio and spent the holiday with my in-laws. A few days after the 4th, I drove from Ohio to Texas to spend a few weeks with my parents. A few weeks turned into a month, and I arrived back in Alabama on August 9th. It was so, so, SO nice to be able to spend that much time in Texas though. I hung out with my parents a lot, and spent tons of time with my BFF, Stacy, and her daughter, Kaitlin. I went to a few weddings, reconnected with some old friends, and generally enjoyed myself.

After I got home, I had to tame my lawn, go through a ton and a half of mail, and do all the little projects that needed doing before TJ got home from his "vacation". The days took years, but finally he arrived stateside! He will have been back for 2 weeks on Thursday. We've been having a blast hanging out with friends, doing stuff around the house, and just being together (cue the sappy "awww").

He went back to work today, so it's my first day home alone after all the togetherness. I'm finding it rather lonely. I'm supposed to meet him at his unit at 4:30 so we can go grill shopping. After that we're going back to the unit to use the gym there. He's been offering to be my "trainer" for years now, and I finally took him up on it. Mostly because I'm not working. Now I have the time and energy to make myself really get in shape. He promises I will meet my abs for the first time in years. I remain skeptical. Either way, it's better than some gym trainer cause I don't mind looking stupid or whining in front of my husband :) Poor guy. He's going to realize that I wasn't kidding all those times I said I really, really HATE the gym.

In other news........we are trying our darnedest to get pregnant!!! :) I got the itch really bad this summer while he was gone, and he's ready too. So here goes nothing! Hopefully it won't take too long. We're on a tight schedule. The military doesn't much care about our baby making, so we have to plan around those pesky TDY's and deployments. Plus, it requires precision because I would actually enjoy it if he could be here for the birth. This is going to be some very structured procreating.

TJ has taken to saying the word "impregnate" because I hate it and I get really mad. He's also convinced all of the guys at his unit that our child should be named Mick. He rationalizes this by saying it would be really cool if we could call him "Mickey G". He had all the guys toasting to "the Mick" the other night at a party. He gets sick pleasure out of making me crazy.

On that note, I'm out. Gotta eat some lunch and take a shower before I have to appear at TJ's unit at the designated time for Operation Cookout. I say things like that because he hates it. I get sick pleasure out of making him crazy :)


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  1. Oh my goodness! Congrats on the babymaking ;) That makes me so excited for you! I've missed your blogging, girl. And your face. And Jersey's death stare.