Wednesday, June 16, 2010

take a ride on the rain train

So, if you'll recall, in my last post I ranted about the plight of watering our lawn. In my quest to make my life easier (this is never ending, BTW) I found a genius invention called "Rain Train". This fantastic gadget drives around the lawn while watering. You never have to move the sucker because it moves itself! Why do I not think of things like that??? Anyway, my very own Rain Train should be arriving today via the United States Postal Service. I can recall few times in my life when I have been this excited.
How cute is that??? There was one that looked like a John Deere tractor and I really wanted that one cause it was way cute, but it got really crappy reviews. So I went with the original. Apparently it's cast iron and weighs 22 lbs. As long as it cruises around and waters my grass, I don't care if it's made of cookie dough. I will be sure to post action shots as soon as it makes its maiden voyage.

In other news, my step-daughter Kylie is visiting me for 3 weeks. We've been having little adventures. She now wants to take a trip to the American Girl store in Atlanta. For those of you who don't know what American Girl is, here is a brief description: a money-sucking, wallet-draining piece of plastic in the shape of a doll. They do it up big - there's a doll hair salon, an ear piercing place, a restaurant that serves you and your doll, and a huge store with thousands of accessories (think beds, pets, clothes, jewelry, etc.) You can get dolls that look like you or choose one of their historical characters. Those come with their own series of books about the time that they're from. I had one when I was younger, and they are lots of fun. Plus you get the whole experience.

Anyway, I told her I'd have to talk with TJ about it because they were really expensive. So he called today and I told him about it. Here is how the conversation went:

TJ: The way you said that makes me think it's gonna cost me.
Me: Well yeah...a doll with the basics, lunch, hair styling, and ear piercing are going to be pushing $250.
TJ: Holy shit! That is ridiculous! For a doll? A DOLL? Insanity!
Me: I know, but that's the deal. It's the experience too. But that isn't counting like an extra outfit or accessories. And it's pre-tax.

(I'm going to interject with an explanation...Ky got accepted into a program at her school for excellent students. It's a separate class she goes to once a week and they do cool things. We have told her we were going to take her to do something fun to reward her for working so hard. She wanted to go horseback riding when TJ got home.)

TJ: Well, lay this out for her: You can get an American Girl with the BASICS or you can do horseback riding. If you get the doll, it's your congratulations gift.
Me: Ok, I'll tell her. But what if she wants an extra outfit or something?
TJ: Then tell her she can't have lunch with the damn thing!

At this point I started cracking up. Tears were streaming down my face. Just the way he said it...all outraged and incredulous. It was hysterical. For those of you who know TJ...I'm sure you're laughing too.

And one last bit of news...I saved up for some patio furniture to go under the canopy that the in-laws got us. I ordered it and had it delivered to the store and I got an email yesterday that it was ready for pick-up! So we're going to head over there and pick it up. Then we're going to assemble it. What will likely happen is I will assemble it while Ky plays in the sprinkler. Oh well...I get furniture!!!

So now I'm off to shower after our incredibly hot, sweaty run (me and Jers)/bike ride (Ky) this morning. Then it's destination furniture!!!!



  1. You guys are having all sorts of fun adventures and I'm jealous. But that's ok. I'll count down until my Atlanta trip.

    By the way, here is my new blog -

  2. I was laughing SO hard at this!!! I was totally into American Girl, and I finally lived up my dream come true seeing the american girl place last spring in chicago at the age of 21. But geeeez, they're pricey! I can totally envision TJ saying that... Kyle would do the same thing only probably a lot more cussing :)

    miss you