Wednesday, April 29, 2009

today's sweetness

I totally just realized that I'm going to run of of catchy titles for my Spoonful of Sugar feature real quick. I wonder if you can title more than one post the same thing or if blogger will yell at you. I'm going to have to try pretty soon, I think.

I'm going to try to get this done before I have to go get my doggie's birthday cake. It's way cute. I'll post pics later :)
Anywho, in honor of my doggie's birthday, my sugar fix (literally!) is just for her. These treats are so adorable! They come from Diva Dog Bakery. I picked the sampler because I couldn't decide which were my favorite. Although, the donuts are front runners right now.

Not only are they darling miniatures of "people" food, they're as good for your dog as they can be! Check out their whole shop full of doggie yummies at

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