Wednesday, March 31, 2010

random pictures that i feel the need to take...

There's something about having a camera phone that makes me take the weirdest pictures just because I have a camera convenient. Some I send to my sister (because she understands and shares my weirdness) and sometimes I show my husband. He's good about nodding and acting like he cares. Bless him. However, my phone memory only has room for so many of these pictures. I was deleting pictures the other day and thought these needed to be share. Mostly because it makes me sad to delete them. I am that strange.

Anyway, without further ado, I present my randomness.

This is a picture I took from my front yard. The guys that are in jump school on the base are practicing. Their drop zone is right behind my street so I get a front row view of the little parachutes floating down. My crazy husband does that.

This is my super cool thermos with a sweater. I was admiring it one day in a Starbucks and a few weeks later my husband surprised me with one. I take it to work with me everyday. It keeps my water sooooooo cold!!

This is a random sign that hangs over the road on my way to work. There are like 3 lines of these in a row and they all have a big red "NO" sign on them. I want to know what the "NO" is for! It's not over a turn lane to signal there's not left turn there. It hangs over the side of the road I'm driving on, so it's not to indicate that you're driving the wrong direction. I haven't the slightest idea what they're for.

We were grocery shopping and I saw this sign for kumquats. I had never seen an actual kumquat before so I was excited. Plus, kumquat is fun to say. Kumquat, kumquat, kumquat!

Ok, the sign is kind of hard to read...But I was driving somewhere with TJ, and on the way there we saw this sign and laughed our asses off. So on the way back I told him that he had to slow down so I could get a picture. The sign says, "STRIPPERS. Need we say more?" and it has two little drawings of girls on poles on either side. Talk about direct advertising...

This picture and the next one are from brochures in the military clinic. When TJ tore his Achilles tendon during Ranger school, I had to drive him to the doctor cause it was his right foot. So we were sitting in the exam room waiting for the doctor and I saw this brochure. The pictures are backwards and I can't make them move and I'm too lazy to delete them and re-upload them, so the bottom one is the front of the brochure. I laughed so hard I cried. The little cartoon people look so disgruntled and you can just tell how serious they're trying to be. But really..."nothing to rave about"??? Hahahahaha!

This one makes me miss my hubby :( I love, love, LOVE Krispy Kreme donuts! I always get excited when the light is on because it means that there are fresh, hot donuts - straight out of the oven. YUM!! So one day he was driving by without me and snapped a picture to send me. The message attached: "IT'S ON!!!!!" I adore my husband :)

This picture was taken in College Station, TX on the way to my sister's graduation from Texas A&M University (so proud of my baby sissy!!) Anyway, we were sitting at a stoplight and there were THOUSANDS of birds sitting on the power lines. I have never seen so many birds in one place. I couldn't even get them all in the picture. They were behind us and on either side of the road too. It was insane. Why do they all sit there? Crazy.

I took this one the night that TJ and I went to see "A Christmas Carol" in 3D. We were rocking those glasses!!! Plus we were wearing matching colored shirts. Not on purpose, I swear!

Hahahahahaha! This one was sent to me by the lady who owns the daycare place that Jers goes to everyday. Yes, my dog goes to daycare. Get over it. Anyway, they were taking cute Christmas pictures so they could make ornaments, and Nancy thought that Jers was hysterical. She looks so stinking pissed off. Like she's screaming, "You fricking idiots!" in her furry little head. Classic Jersey. I love my puppy.

So I hope you enjoyed my random pictures. I've already started replacing these on my phone. It's a sickness...



  1. ha! Jers is SOO pissed!!! Miss you! (+ luvs from rambo to jersey)

  2. omg. now you know what happens to your dog every day at daycare. Fifteen minutes before that picture she was probably wearing a dress. at a tea party. your parachuters look like little sooty jellyfish floating to earth! and clearly there's something tasty/pleasurable at the bird intersection. lotta bugs? deliciously vibrating power lines? wouldn't you love to know. kumquat is a to-die-for scrabble word. still waiting for it to happen to me. thanks for sharing!

  3. yaaay you mentioned me in your pictures!! and i do understand and share your weirdness. i should send you a picture of the bunny that lives in the bushes by our apartment. we feed him lettuce and call him Bunby :)

  4. oh, and all those damn birds? they are there every year at the same time. they flock to that same intersection every time and they are noisy and annoying as hell. they actually park these trucks in the parking lots that shoot off these loud boom things to scare them away...of course it never works and i just end up thinking someone has just been shot...

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  6. gave you a blog award on my blog today... Heaven knows you don't deserve it since you haven't posted since MARCH! Come back to the blog world! I love your sassy rants!