Thursday, January 7, 2010

snow makes the state go into lockdown

It supposed to snow tonight. It'll probably be more like nasty slushy sleet. Ugh. I'm watching the news and they're scrolling all the closings of schools and businesses across the bottom. Pretty sure half of Georgia is going to be closed tomorrow. Holy crap people. It's not a blizzard. I think we can all make it. Unless my boss lets us off for the day...then it's impossible to get there and it would be much safer if we all just stayed home.

I feel awful for my poor husband who is sleeping outside right now. It's a horrible time to be in the field. It's been getting down in the teens at night, and now it's supposed to sleet/snow bad tonight. Poor kid. It breaks my heart to think of him freezing his ass off out there.

In very exciting news, I got a letter from TJ today!! YAY!! I've read it like 812 times. It's so good just to hear from him and feel like we're talking. I've been sending him letters everyday, even though they don't get them until the end of the phase. I want him to have a nice stack of mail for those last few days. He's supposed to get his 8 hour pass on the 22nd. I can't wait! After that, I'll get to talk to him once three weeks later and then he'll graduate on March 5th. Cross your fingers that he gets straight through and doesn't have to stay longer to redo any phases!

I'm thinking about getting new faucets for our bathroom. all the doorknobs and light fixtures and stuff are that oil rubbed bronze finish. Then they cheaped out and made the faucets shiny silver. It looks stupid. I looked online last night to see how much faucets are. I figured they wouldn't be too bad. Do you know that there are faucets that cost like $800??? Insanity. I have to buy two of the things. Maybe three if I decide to go ahead and do the guest bath too. Which I probably should. I really want to get a bronze kitchen faucet where the sprayer thing is the actual faucet and you just pull it off. But if bathroom faucets are that expensive, I'm a little afraid to look at the kitchen ones.

What you might have deduced from all this is that if I get new faucets, I'm going to have to install the new faucets myself. This isn't strange, as my husband is gone a whole lot. I'm used to doing things for myself. I've never installed faucets before though. It could be quite and adventure. I'm rather excited. I'm not sure if that should worry me or not though.

Does anyone know of any at home workout programs or videos that really work and are somewhat fun? I want to surprise TJ and get in really good shape while he's gone, but I have a problem paying to use a gym. One, it's un-Godly expensive and two, I use like 3 of the machines. So not worth it. So, if anyone has any suggestions for at home stuff, I'd love to hear it. I really like kickboxing. I don't want anything too complicated. I don't want to get pissed and frustrated cause I can't do the stupid dance moves. Something that is kind of a short, all-in-one, whole body deal would be awesome. In other words, find me the perfect workout. Haha.

Well, I need to write my sweetheart and get into bed. Vaya con Dios.



  1. The thought of installing a faucet is terrible to me. I hate grimy stuff or stuff where you might see a hair ball- or anything really related to a drain...

    ...and yes, they are SO expensive!

    If you want a good workout-do not (I repeat) DO NOT get Jillian Michaels! I spent like $50 bucks a couple of years ago on a DVD and that bitch nearly killed me! Then she said, "Now that we are all warmed up, let's get started!" I was like "Oh, hell no!"- eject.

    I really like Hip Hop abs. It is really fun and easy...and I am pretty sure it would work if you could stick with it- I am pretty pathetic at sticking with things. Aubrey and I ordered it on the Fourth of July a few years ago while watching the infomercial and eating BBQ and potato salad.

    Oh- and I gave you your own Dreamy Giraffe post :)

  2. Faucets aren't too hard to replace and if you check out Home Depot or Lowes, you'll see they aren't that expensive :)

    Get a Wii Fit, its really good, there's a lot of variety and you can get other games for the wii and your husband will love it... the Fit has yoga, push ups, crunches, lunges, etc etc and boxing... that is fun! It isn't a sit on the couch and play game at all... everything gets you active... and it keeps track of your progress for you... its a blast.

    NW Arkansas is in lockdown too... from 2 inches of snow and freezing temps.... schools have been closed all week. It makes house hunting nearly impossible.

  3. Hey love! So faucets are pretty easy and you can find them for cheaper at warehouses like Home Depot or something... you'll do a fabulous job!

    Hip Hop abs is fun and I lost like 10 lbs with it but there is a lot of dance and in most of the dvd's they only review the moves once or twice... so I can see you getting mad at them once or twice and tossing them out the window! :) I love Pilates... I saw someone did Jillian Michaels and hated it, well I love it... it works and you definitely get a kick ass routine... Tae Bo is an all time favorite... and I love my Wii fit or my Wii Gold's Gym one... you are gorgeous!

  4. I have a Jillian Michaels video that kicks my butt. (WHEN I do it.) I seem to always get distracted looking at her mannish features though, and then mentally dispute whether I'd rather look like "it" (jillian) or have a little more voluptuous curve than usual... Then I get tired of disputing, and make myself a bagel.

    Anyway, "he-she" works wonders, and there are different chapters you can choose for different places if you don't feel like going through the entire video every time.

  5. I love your blog, you are so precious! See I can relate with the husband in the cold thing, no mike is not sleeping outside, but he does have to be in in all day and he comes home and starts a fire and puts the heat on 75 for the rest of the night, needless to say it's warm in here. I agree with the Wii Fit idea, the boxing is great!! also, p90x is killer! it's for 3 months, but just getting started my friend and i lost 5 lbs in 2 weeks and got toned...that's my 2 cents. love you!

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