Tuesday, January 5, 2010

it's scary in my head

I was attempting to entertain myself today at work. Some days are really slow and boring. So I started a letter for TJ and just kind of rambled like a loser. I was boring myself, so I decided to just write down some random thoughts that maybe I could write about later. Not all of them made it into the letter, but without context they're pretty amusing. So I decided to share.

- That Frito Lay truck is driving erratically.
- I really hate motivational posters.
- That stupid alarm guy messed up my brochures.
- Goldfish are much healthier than Cheetos.
- The Nissan Cube: worst idea of the century,
- I sure love being lectured like a 5 year old.
- Who names their kid Brighty?
- I wanna drive a Bobcat.
- Holy hell just let me make the damn key.
- I want a McDonald's cookie too!
- Could the homestead exemption be more vague?
- That bird needs a sweater.
- Damn you, brick breaker!
- Dial the number your own damn self.
- Jose Cuervo, you are a friend of mine.
- Apparently manners are hard to come by these days.

I miss my husband's voice. Boo for not talking for weeks at a time. Hopefully it goes quickly though. If all is good he should graduate in early March. Then, of course, he up and leaves for deployment not too long after that. I try not to complain though. I've really been working on concentrating on good things and being grateful. I am grateful that we have each other and that we have a happy and full life. I'm grateful for wonderful family and friends. When I look at it that way, it doesn't seem quite so bad. We'll see how long all this positivity lasts...


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  1. yay you're back!! but I'm sorry it's because your other half is away! I'm selfishly looking forward to benefiting from your temporary bereftitude. Thanks for the random entertaining thoughts (I too hate motivational posters), and the wisdom below. So true, all. Have a good night!