Thursday, November 19, 2009

smooth criminal

I got fingerprinted today. Apparently it's Georgia state law that anyone employed by a mortgage company has to be fingerprinted. Random. Especially since they did a background check. What are fingerprints going to show that a background check wouldn't? I guess maybe my aliases.

Funny story about aliases...When we lived in NC I worked for an insurance company. In order to do quotes we had to order a tier score. Tier scores are based on credit scores and give you that kind of info without putting a hit on your credit report. So you don't get your actual credit score, you just get another number based on it. If that makes sense. Anyway, I checked my tier score shortly after I started working there; just for giggles. According to the report, I had an alias. WTF??? The only other name I've ever had is my maiden name, but it sure wasn't that. I don't recall exactly what it was, but it was something way off. Like Katherine Ann Jones or something random like that. I had to call the people and get it taken off. Crazy.

So I wonder if my mystery alias will show up on anything. No one has ever asked me about it, so I suppose it doesn't. Anyway, the place that you get your fingerprints done at is g-h-e-t-t-o. I was slightly terrified. In the middle of the day...I felt like I was getting booked. For someone who has never been arrested, that's an odd feeling. Especially when I didn't even do anything wrong! I went straight to my car and busted out my hand sanitizer. I love hand sanitizer. I have multiple bottles so that they're accessible wherever I may be. One in my purse, one in my car, one in my desk at work, one at all the sinks in my house, and so on.

I just ate a lot of goldfish and now the top of my mouth is all raw. I don't just chew up my goldfish. I have to suck on them till they get mushy and then I eat them. Totally random and pointless, but it's how I eat them. That means the little salty dudes get smashed up against the roof of my mouth and rub it raw. Fun fact for the day.

I wish I had something more exciting to say. I'm trying to get back into the habit of blogging, so even though I was totally boring tonight I wrote anyway. Now I have to get in bed cause I'm way sleepy tonight. I've been sleeping without my sleeping pill though!! I'm proud of myself :)

In other news, the husband comes home tomorrow. He's been in Florida for the last week. He was in Vegas two weeks ago. Funny how the military trips are always somewhere "vacation-esque". I'm starting to doubt the actual amount of work that gets done on these trips...Oh boys. I'm glad he's coming home. Mostly because I missed him, but a lot because we're having everyone (and I do mean everyone - his mom, dad, brother, brother's dog, Kylie, my mom, dad and sister) here for Thanksgiving and we need to get ready. I'm only just a little neurotic and freaked out about the whole thing. Just a tad. First time I'm hosting biggie. How hard can it be to have 6 extra people and 1 extra dog in your house and get them all entertained and fed? Cake.

Yeah right. I'd be delusional to think that. It'll be fine though, and I cannot wait to see everyone!! Ok, ok I also can't wait to show off my new house :) Now I'm really going to bed. I wore a semi-itchy sweater today and it's starting to morph into a majorly itchy sweater the longer I wear it. PJ's and Ghost Whisperer re-runs here I come!!



  1. Michelle...for having nothing interesting to say..I gave you an entertaining....your posts are always either entertaining or too funny!
    Good luck with thanksgiving....for our Thanksgiving I had alot of my family here....all from out of fed them and bed them it was. My mom was here ot help me soooo that was great. I wish my mom would just stay here and do her thing or cooking all the time.....hahaha she cleans pretty good too.... she is a great notivator in that department....Have a good sleep.
    Nice new house.. 8)

  2. i meant good luck as.....Hey right on! have fun....not oh ahh good luck with that....

    just clarifying.... 8)

  3. Good luck with Thanksgiving! You know, I just left a comment on your post below and my security word was "tedme" doesn't that sound kinda dirty? Or maybe I just have a dirty mind.